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How to adjust roller rockers


Adjusting your roller rockers is very important. If they are too tight or too loose you can cause damage to several parts of you motor. I have attached a video that helped me.

Do one cylinder at a time and make sure your lock is backed out. Turn your motor over until your exhaust rocker just starts to press down on the valve spring, that is when you will adjust your intake valve for that cylinder. Spin your pushrod while slowly tightening the nut on the rocker. Do not over tighten it. Stop when you just start to get resistance on the pushrod. You then have to turn your nut 1/2 turn to 1 full turn. The guy in the video I have posted only does 1/8 turn. I personally do a 1/2 turn, just a preference. Now your valve is adjusted and you just need to lock it in place, that is what the small allen bolt in the nut is for. Hold your wrench on the nut (don’t let it move) and tighten the allen bolt. Your intake valve is now done.

Now you need to turn your motor over until the rocker on the intake valve goes all the way down and comes up and stop right before it gets to the very top. Then you adjust your exhaust valve the same way as described above. Once you are done that one you can move onto the other cylinders. It is that easy!