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Jeremy Kraft and Daddy’s Addiction

This week Reader’s Rides had the chance to talk to Jeremy Kraft. His S10 journey began shortly after he moved to Oklahoma. His dad special ordered the dime in 1988 as a S10 sport package. The truck came with a 2.8 V6 and a 5 speed transmission but could haul just about anything you could fit due to the 6 leaf heavy duty rear springs and 1/2 ton coils up front. After all, this is Oklahoma, where a truck has to be a truck.


When Jeremy was about 13 years old he blew up the first engine trying to learn how to drive a standard. Dad wasn’t around and like most of us, it seemed like the perfect time to sneak a little test drive. The poor truck never moved more than 6 inches before he went way past redline and heard that gut wrenching knock, knock, knock that is all too familiar to some of us. He and his dad replaced the motor a few times before he got tired of the v6 and decided it was time to swap in a V8.


His dad bought a used 305 and TH350 transmission from a 1984 Monte Carlo. He had it running for about a year when Jeremy decided to buy it from him. The little 305 couldn’t handle the abuse of a teenage boy and soon it was time for another swap. This time she got a 350 small block. Jeremy ran into some tough times so the truck made its way back to dad where it would sit for the next 9 years in a field.


Jeremy got a call one day saying that the truck was going to the scrap yard. He couldn’t let this happen so off again he was to pick it up. Little did he know that 9 years of the harsh elements weren’t kind to the S10. The motor was seized up and Jeremy just couldn’t afford to fix it up. So again, the S10 found a new home with Jeremy’s friend. He knew the story of the truck and told Jeremy if he ever wanted it back, to let him know. Jeremy worked his tail off trying to come up with the money.


Now he tells us that the S10 is back in his possession and that’s where it will stay.


He has since installed another 350 bored 0.40 over with 194 valve heads, Edelbrock performer intake, Holley 650 carb, a small cam with a TH350 trans w/lockup convertor.

It still has the factory rims on it, they are 8.5 indy slot mags running 295/50/15 cooper cobras on the rear and 215/70/15 coopers on the front.


The truck is still in project mode and as of now. His plans are to build a bigger better motor, install a one off custom cowl hood, delete the factory tail lights and french in some old school tear drop tails. Add a shaved and smooth blazer rear bumper with a shaved and smooth front bumper. Paint for the truck will be a 2 tone metallic sublime green and medium metallic grey separated by an orange pinstripe.


Jeremy assures us that the truck isn’t going anywhere. It’s Daddy’s Addiction, for which there is no cure.