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Kyler Smith… New Kid on the Block

Kyler stumbled into racing by accident. He and his dad Todd were invited to the track one day to meet up with some friends. Todd had no interest in drag racing but, after that one trip to the track he was hooked. Two months later he bought his S10. Kyler had to sit for three long years watching his dad race until he turned 16. He started out by buying a stock v6 Firebird. He installed a cage in it and raced it for half a season until he decided the v6 was too slow. That’s when he found the S10.

Kyler’s truck is a 1987 Reg Cab Short Bed S-10, it’s Petty Blue. When he originally bought the truck it had been setup as a grudge truck with a ton of nitrous on it. The truck had no cage, a factory bench seat, stock seat belts, and a stock 10 bolt read end. He tells us that the wiring was an absolute nightmare of a rats-nest.

He and his dad Todd got started on tearing the truck down. They started by rewiring the entire truck. Out went the bench seat and they installed racing buckets with 5 point harnesses, the 10 bolt was replaced by a 9” Ford rear end along with a set of Caltracs. The motor is a 355 with a stock crank and rods, Weisco forged flat top pistons, 480 lift 224 @ 50 hydraulic cam, ported Dart Pro 1 heads, ported Victor jr intake and a 750 Holley. For the transmission they went with a th350 with a manual valve body. Out back they installed a Ford 9″ with 4.11 gears, Moser axels with 5/8ths studs and full spool.

After Kyler bought the truck he started winning more and more races. He won enough races at his local track to be invited to the division 3 bracket finals for the high school kids. He placed 4th of 35 high schools from over 5 different states. So far this year he has been runner up on a Wednesday night event and on Thursday he won the 13.00 index class.

This year his grandfather actually bought himself a S10 and now they all head to the track on Wednesdays.

We here at V8 S Series are following Kyler’s racing career closely. We have a feeling this kid is just getting started and will quickly be moving up the ranks.