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Nate Somerlot and his 84 Blazer

This week we will be featuring one of our reader’s rides; this is Nate’s ’84 Blazer that he picked up partially done, as a rolling chassis.  Needless to say there was a lot of work ahead of Nate and this is how he brought the blazer back to life!  After purchasing the blazer and dragging it back home Nate started switching over some good parts from his s10 that he had built from scratch. The blazer had stock springs with blocks, he switched over the rear springs and Caltracs.  Then Nate pulled the motor he had built out of his s10.  It’s a 357 SBC, 3.48 stroke eagle 4340 crank, 6″ scat 4340 forged rods, .030 wiesco forged flat top pistons 10.2:1, comp cams extreme energy 274 cam, 1.6 full roller comp cams pro magnum rockers, 5/16″ comp cams hardened pushrods, modified vortec heads from Scoggin Dickey Performance (chambers and runners are as casted), rpm air gap intake with 1″ spacer, quick fuel 750 carb, fired by a msd pro billet distributor (32° total timing), 6al and a blaster 2 coil.

Nate decided on a powerglide w/ trans brake for the truck.  He had his transmission gone through by a fellow racer.  Once he got the trans back,  he mated it with the motor and it was match made in heaven.  He dropped it into the blazer with trans dapt motor mount plates.  He got them welded onto the frame.  Then he attacked the transmission mount pad, to allow it to meet up with the glide.

Nate had a good 3 1/2″ drive shaft for his s10.  He had to measure for it to be cut down almost 10″ to fit his blazer.  After that was all said and done, he started on the exhaust.  He has had all different forms of headers over the years, this is his 3rd S10 build.  Nate’s had the shorties, then tried the long tubes for performance over the shorties.  He hated having long tubes, due to having to pull them to change the oil filter. So on this Blazer build Nate wanted fender well headers. But, he also wanted a mostly full exhaust.  He mocked up fender well headers to have an exhaust that runs under the truck. So, he made his headers tuck up under the frame behind the lower control arm. Then they turn back to the rear of the truck. He then hung 3″ pipe with 3″ race bullets, ending at the axle.

He started to fix the wiring the previous owner had done. Nothing was on relays.  It was all straight wired to the battery, no fuses (Don’t try this at home)!  So he completely redid the wiring, adding relays for electric fans, electric fuel pump, and an electric water pump.  Nate then cleaned up the engine bay wiring. Then he rewired all the gages in the dash, also adding a neutral safety switch to his shifter.  Nate started to nut and bolt the front end and found that the previous owner installed the qa1 coil covers incorrectly.  He corrected them and lowered the front end all the way down on the shocks.  It wasn’t low enough for Nate so he added some 2″ drop spindles.

By this time it was Spring and the Blazer was drivable. So, Nate drove it to a local alignment shop and had to help them do the alignment!  They were all sorts of baffled on how to adjust the front end because of his headers. So he did the wrenching and they ran the computer.  So now it was ready to be flogged on the track. Nate hauled it out for his 1st TNT with it.  The blazer came off the trailer, made a pass and made it to the 1/8th mile and hit the limiter in the top end. Come to find out 4:56 gear and 26″ tall tires, with his 6000 rpm motor wasn’t a good match. After pulling the 6000 chip and adding 28″ slicks, he was able to make a pass of 12.50 in the 1/4.  With some tuning over the winter and a refreshed engine,  Nate came back this past year to run 7.51 1/8th mile, 12.13 in 1/4 mile.

After building a s10, he was bored with it and wanted another blazer. The reason the blazer is really special to Nate is, he built this blazer from scrap parts and a motor he had bought for his 1st truck (that he wrecked), that was also an ’84 2 door blazer. He drove the wheels right off it in high school.  Nate always looked forward to having another blazer.  So, he purchased his dream truck that just needed a little attention. But Nate tells us he isn’t done yet, who ever is?  A few upgrades are still to come, adding the back seat into it, seat belts, and also a cage. Lastly it will get a gear change , and a 150 shot of nitrous.  Nate is very excited and proud to have built his dream Blazer so that he and his soon to be born son can enjoy it for many years to come!