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S Series Steering Box Upgrade

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So your steering is getting sloppy and it’s time to consider replacing that old worn out steering box. Before you go to the parts store and ask for a stock replacement, consider this.

A stock S Series steering box from 82-93 is a low effort 16:1 ratio. It makes driving your truck feel more like driving a boat.  Sure you can turn the wheel with your little finger but can you “feel” the road?  How about changing lanes?  You have to turn the wheel almost a 1/4 of a turn.  That doesn’t feel very sporty.

Well good news!

There is a stock direct replacement 12.7:1 high effort steering box that will make you fall in love with driving your truck all over again.  You’ll be zipping in and out of lanes like a Nascar driver (Safely of course).

This is a short article because there isn’t much to tell.  It’s an easy install.

1. Go to your local auto parts store and ask for a steering box from a 1988 Chevy Monte Carlo WITH sport steering.  (Bring a pair of vice grips with you and MAKE SURE that the box they sell you is 2 1/2 turns lock to lock)

Autozone has this part for $118.

2. Make sure you have, rent or buy a Pitman arm puller.  It looks like this.

BEFORE you remove the bolts that go through the frame into the pump, disconnect the power steering lines, use a ball joint splitter and pop the joint on the end of the pitman arm where it connects to the center link.

Next, use your puller to remove the pitman arm. This MAY require a large breaker bar.  Mine did and it took a lot of effort to separate these two parts.

Install the new box in reverse order.

The new box will feel a lot tighter and harder to turn and this may take some time to get used to but trust me you will love it.

That’s it, enjoy your new sport steering S Series Steering Box Upgrade