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Setting up your new Caltracs

By Gary Sparks

Once you have installed your Caltracs , take off any initial preload that may be on them . The next part will require a friend or a neighbor around your same weight and a nickel . With the driver in the drivers seat place the nickel between the roller and spring .

Now turn your bar down till it just touches the nickel and lock it in . This will give you a starting point .

What’s at flat ?

You’ll hear guys saying add a flat or take out a flat . A flat is considered a flat spot on the nut of the bar .


Find your reference point and turn the bar one flat moving your roller closer to the spring . This will make it hit the tire harder helping you hook or blow off the tires. If it hooks better lock it in . If you blew off the tires it hit too hard and you need to go back two flats and test again.

Caltrac traction bar brackets have two plates styles, one with one hole one with two holes .  The ones with only one hole are the low profile style and only have one option for bar placement.

The top hole is going to give the tire a harder hit .

Pinion angle and bar reference.

Caltracs work best with a pinion angle of -3 . You want the bars as perpendicular to the ground as possible. this helps when you start fine tuning your suspension.

Don’t get carried away.

When tuning your suspension adjust one thing at a time in pairs. Meaning both bars at the same time and make a pass. Then adjust your shocks and make a pass .  The worst thing you can do is adjust to many things at one time causing you to get aggravated. Which means you’ll have to start all over .

Hopefully this helps you out .